Offshore noise control

Offshore platforms extract oil and gas from the seabed. The crew often works and lives offshore for weeks on end with a many machines in a small space. We ensure that they can do their jobs safely and are protected against noise nuisance.

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Offshore platform focal points

Platforms must comply with the established noise requirements set, for example, by NORSOK.

These are the focal points related to noise standards for offshore platforms:


Solutions for compliance with offshore noise standards

Special containers

Non-standard dimensions or special design requirements? If so, we are your ideal partner. If you need non-standard containers, we can provide a suitable, customised solution, also as an LER including electrical installations.


Enclosures and cabins

Acoustic enclosures for generator sets, pump sets, compressors and other machines and installations. Soundproof cabins for mud pump rooms, engine rooms or a complete driller’s cabin. Always designed and produced to your particular specifications, so that it is a perfect fit for your platform. Approved and certified in accordance with the latest offshore standards.

Acoustic enclosure

Soundproof cabins

Offshore EPU container
Watch cabin
offshore platforms
offshore platforms

Filtered extraction system

An effective extraction system for the shakers minimises health risks for your offshore employees. Toxic gases and oil vapours that are released during this process are filtered. The air outlet is sound attenuated.

View filtered extraction system project

Sound attenuated air inlet and outlet

For ventilating engine rooms, pit rooms and kitchens, etc. The sound level at the air inlet and outlet is often too high. Therefore we supply complete sound attenuated air inlet and outlet sets. They are tailor-made in accordance with the latest standards, specifically for your particular offshore situation.

More information about silencers

offshore platforms
offshore platforms

New offshore doors

If the existing doors are no longer adequate we can also produce new offshore doors. A30 or A60, soundproof and fire resistant. Manufactured in accordance with EC, IMO type or SOLAS regulations.

Renovation of existing doors

We examine the damage to the doors and discuss with you which doors will be renovated. We then remove the doors from the platform, renovate them at our facilities with its blast cabin, wet paint and powder-coating installation, ensure the doors comply once more with the latest applicable requirements and replace them.

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Renovation offshore doors Stena Spey 5- after
Renovation offshore doors Stena Spey - after

Advice & Surveys

We always strive for the most effective, efficient and useful solution for your project. Solutions are fully designed and produced in accordance with your particular specifications.

Need advice about a suitable solution for your project? Would you like an offshore noise survey conducted? If so, contact our offshore specialist below.


Reference projects

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FPAL – supplier assessment

Assessment of the acoustic enclosures for the generator set on the Shell Leman platform. Assessment performed by Amec Foster Wheeler’s buyer

Score: 8.4

Alara-Lukagro was awarded 8.4 (out of 10) on 15 aspects. The product quality, project management, organisation and facilities were rated extremely good. Definitely a result to be proud of!


FPAL – supplier assessment

Assessment of the renovated and new offshore doors for the Stena Drilling platform. Assessment by the Stena Spey Chief Engineer.

Score: 9.3

Alara-Lukagro was awarded 9.3 (out of 10) on all 15 aspects. The installation, SHE and personnel’s expertise were rated extremely good.

A result to be proud of!

offshore platforms

Supplier audit

On-site audit by Aker Solutions, related to supplying an acoustic enclosure/cover for a large winch.

Score: 9.1

Note by Aker Solutions: “We have found Alara-Lukagro to be an excellent supplier. We have audited them and they have great knowledge of the subject and offshore experience.”

We are proud of our track record

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