Acoustic enclosure

Acoustic enclosures

Why choose Alara-Lukagro? Because we offer you assurance.

Assurance that you have chosen the best enclosure for your project.

  • We possess the knowledge and production possibilities to offer you the best solution. Theoretical knowledge of sound and engineering, combined with extensive practical knowledge.
  • We will offer you more advice than you asked for. Since we are slightly stubborn and go further than the job description: how could the acoustic enclosure be smarter, more efficient, quieter… We always aim for the optimal solution.
  • Alara-Lukagro is a compact, committed and flexible organisation, which enables us to quickly adapt. This ensures that even the most complex issues are in good hands with us.

Want tailor-made advice?

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Important for your enclosure

We understand what is important to you in an acoustic enclosure’s design.

  • Smart design
    Well-thought-out design details such as a CE certified steel structure integrated in the panels. An enclosure fully customised for your project.
  • Guarantee
    Controlled sound attenuation and guaranteed end result. Quality is self-evident to us.
  • Durable
    An enclosure constructed from durable steel panels with a long lifespan. Our working method is ISO 14001 certified. Energy savings due to recirculation systems and climate control.
  • Speed
    Easy installation with minimal disruption to your processes. Complete assembly in the factory or drop-over design for very quick installation. Short delivery times.

Relevant projects

Diverse designs of an acoustic enclosure

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Options and possibilities for enclosures

Customisation offers considerable freedom of choice. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Diverse types of panels, materials and finishes
  • Self-supporting enclosure or with (integrated) steel construction with CE marking
  • Ventilation system: airflow and noise calculations, forced ventilation, air inlet and outlet with filters, silencers, louvres and fire dampers etc.
  • Doors, hatches, windows, etc.
  • Installation of electronic equipment such as lighting, HVAC, fire alarms etc.
  • As a drop-over enclosure, removable panels, including assembly or self-assembly, possibly with an installation supervisor, etc.
Emergency power_installation_enclosure


An overview of sound insulation values of the different sound insulating panels for acoustic enclosures.

Datasheet Sound insulating panels

Customer-specific standard

We always strive for the most efficient and effective solution for our customers. We offer you the option of jointly designing a standard model for your machines, which we subsequently put into production.

The advantages this offers you include:

  • Economic efficiency retaining our consistently high quality
  • Fast delivery due to time savings during the design process
  • Working with a permanent partner on which you can rely

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Our approach

Our aim is to fully unburden you.

Knowledge and innovation

Advice and design

Advice and design

  • Determining your requirements and specifications
  • Acoustic calculations to determine the required measures
  • Flow and ventilation calculations
  • Enclosure price calculation




Our engineers work with advanced programmes and have years of experience. The possibilities include:

  • Steel construction in accordance with CE (EN1090)
  • FEM analysis – strength calculation
  • CFD analysis
  • 3D drawings
  • Necessary documentation


Planning, production and assembly

Planning, production and assembly

  • Production in our very own modern production facility in Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands
  • Delivery including electrical and mechanical engineering (E & W) installations possible
  • Packing and transport
  • Our people ensure strict planning and timely delivery




In-house coat facilities:

  • Blasting
  • Wet paintwork
  • Powder coating

Assembly on location

Assembly on location

Assembly on location

  • Certified technicians (VCA – Safety Assurance System)
  • Worldwide assembly
  • Offshore assembly possible, by NOGEPA and OPITO certified technicians
  • You can of course opt to install the enclosure yourself using the installation guide, possibly under the supervision of an installation supervisor.

Responsible partner

Guarantee and service

Guarantee and service

  • Our people are driven and always strive for the best possible result
  • We use durable products, which guarantees you a long lifespan
  • We can perform the maintenance for you on request
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Enquiry and prices

The design of an acoustic enclosure depends on:


The source/machine

Number of machines
Brand/type/dimensions of the machine
Machine noise (spectrum from 63 Hz to 8,000 Hz)
Required ventilation air
Possible gases released


Environmental conditions

Noise requirements
Location: indoors/outdoors
Safety requirements (e.g. fire resistance)
Other conditions: dust, etc.


Other requirements/specifications

All possible options such as transits, doors, electrics, desired preservation treatment, etc.

Want tailor-made advice for your project? We’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to discuss your needs!

“I’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to devise the optimal solution for your project. I have years of experience at Alara-Lukagro and consequently understand market demands. Are you faced with a challenge? If so, you’ve come to the right place!”

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