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Construction. Pure craftsmanship. The design is created with love. The final result is impressive. We are proud to make a contribution to this process: we make your buildings quiet and safe.

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Soundproof doors

Sound has an impact on a person’s experience in a room. It also influences people’s well-being. Doors are important elements in noise control. A door also guarantees many other safety aspects in a building, such as emergency exits, fire resistance and burglar resistance.

Features Alara-Lukagro Soundproof doors

  • High soundproof value
  • Effective acoustic capacity in specific frequencies
  • Fire resistance
  • Burglar resistance
  • All properties are tested and certified

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Prestaties Alara-Lukagro deuren

Prestaties Alara-Lukagro deuren

Prestaties Alara-Lukagro deuren

Acoustic louvres

Work, live, relax: an adequate supply of fresh air makes any building more enjoyable. Fresh air enters through openings in the building, but this may be accompanied by unwanted noise. Internal noise could also cause a nuisance outside. Acoustic ventilation louvres are important elements when it comes to ventilating a building and controlling sound or noise.

Features Alara-Lukagro Acoustic louvres

  • Acoustic capacity up to Rw 27 dB
  • Low installation depth
  • Low air resistance
  • Aesthetic added value by the identical appearance of louvres with different insulating values

More information about acoustic louvres

Total solution

When you’re involved in a construction project it is great to have the same contact for as many aspects as possible. A single contact for multiple aspects. Therefore we work with diverse partners in order to offer you a total solution. We comprehensively screen our supplier partners to guarantee that our quality standards are respected for all the products we supply.

We also offer others’ acoustic and safety solutions by working closely with our partners for:

  • Acoustic lift and sliding doors
  • Room acoustics
  • Vibration isolation
  • Transformer doors

Market segments

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We are proud to contribute to projects for

Offering total peace of mind and cooperating as partners

“Trust formed the basis of the project. An organisation with a high level of knowledge. Being the contractor, we were totally unburdened by Alara-Lukagro, which was extremely satisfying.”

Project manager, Strukton Bouw – Ziggo Dome project

Guarantee of a great result

“Alara-Lukagro anticipated our needs up to and including assembly, to achieve the optimal result. What’s more, noise measurements revealed that the door and silencer supplied exceeded the proposed noise requirement.”

Frank Bongenaar, De Westfries skating rink

Joint reflection on aesthetics and functionality

“The final result is truly state of the art and highly exclusive. The engineers delivered outstanding work and fully understood my wishes in the design.”

Jan Morel, Studio Architect – White Universum Studio

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“I’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to devise the optimal solution for your project. I have years of experience in construction and now specialise in soundproof doors. Are you faced with a challenge? If so, you’ve come to the right place!”

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