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Why choose Alara-Lukagro? Because we offer you assurance.
Assurance that you have chosen the best doors for your project.

  • Certified: Alara-Lukagro is a pioneer in certified soundproof doors. Not only the most diverse combinations but also the most ambitious properties have been tested and certified.
  • Durable: Steel doors with a long lifespan as a result of the use of durable materials. The doors are highly suitable for application in energy-neutral projects due to their thermal insulation properties.
  • Hassle-free: Alara-Lukagro is a compact, committed and flexible organisation, which enables us to quickly adapt. We take care of engineering, manufacturing, delivering, installing and maintaining the doors. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with us, whether you require standard doors or your project is more complex.

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Combine properties in a single door

Create a safe and comfortable building by combining a high soundproof value with, for example, fire resistance and burglar resistance. All properties have been officially tested and certified.


Sound insulation

High sound insulation value: Rw 56 dB
Ra pop 51 dB
Ra cinema 47 dB
Ra house 45 dB
NEN-EN-ISO 140-3 tested and certified airborne sound insulation
Read more about sound insulation


Fire resistance

30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes fire resistant
Officially tested and certified (EI1, EI2, EW) in accordance with EN 1634-1
To be combined with soundproofing/burglar resistance
Read more about fire-resistant doors


Burglar resistance

Resistance class 2
Resistance class 3
Officially tested and certified in accordance with EN 1627:2011
To be combined with soundproofing/fire resistance

Reference projects

Alara-Lukagro has supplied soundproof doors for diverse, specific building functions.

Geluidsisolerende deuren voor gerenoveerd kasteel
industriële geluidwerende deuren


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Aantal en afmetingen

Quantity and dimensions

Number of doors

Single and/or double leaf

Desired opening dimensions

Deuren Combinaties

Desired combinations

Sound insulation ranging from 45 – 57 dB

Fire resistance 30 – 120 min.

Burglar resistance WK2 or WK3

Air, wind or watertight

Deur beslag

Options and fittings

Desired door fittings

Desired preservation treatment

Door closer application

Type of doorstep



Maintenance & guarantee

Alara-Lukagro’s acoustic doors have a long lifespan because they are manufactured from durable materials. In addition their properties are comprehensively tested and certified. This provides the assurance of durable products for your project.

Is your building fitted with Alara-Lukagro doors? If so, we would be pleased to take their maintenance off your hands. Enquire about the different maintenance contracts at the bottom of this page.

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Want tailor-made advice for your project? We’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to discuss your needs!

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