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We offer you assurance. Assurance that you select the best interior and/or exterior soudproof doors for your project.

  • Certified: Alara-Lukagro is a pioneer in certified interior and exterior doors. Not only the most diverse combinations but also the most ambitious properties have been tested and certified.
  • Tailor-made: Alara-Lukagro has high-quality engineering capacities and advanced production methods. This provides us the opportunity to manufacture highly specific requirements and custom-made projects. Providing high quality is self-evident to us.
  • Hassle-free: Alara-Lukagro is a compact, committed and flexible organisation. This enables us to quickly adapt. We take care of engineering, manufacturing, delivering, installing and maintaining the doors. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with us, whether you require standard doors or your project is more complex.

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Combine properties in a single door

Create a safe and comfortable building by combining a soundproof steal door with a high sound insulation value fire resistance, burglar resistance, anti-panic and different kind of access control. All properties have been officially tested and certified.


Sound insulation

High sound insulation value: Rw 56 dB
Ra pop 51 dB
Ra cinema 47 dB
Ra house 45 dB
NEN-EN-ISO 140-3 tested and certified airborne sound insulation
Read more about sound insulation


Fire resistance

30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes fire resistant
Officially tested and certified (EI1, EI2, EW) in accordance with EN 1634-1
To be combined with soundproofing/burglar resistance
Read more about fire-resistant doors


Burglar resistance

Resistance class 2
Resistance class 3
Officially tested and certified in accordance with EN 1627:2011
To be combined with soundproofing/fire resistance

Material doors

Our soundproof doors  are made of an 80 mm or 103 mm thick double-walled door leaf made of electrolytically galvanized sheet steel of various thicknesses, equipped with anti-drumming and insulating material, filled with high-quality absorption package. Aluminum or stainless steel also possible.


Our doors can be made in standard dimensions as well as custom made.


Our datasheet doors in English will be released soon. Below you can find our datasheet in Dutch.

Datasheet deuren (Dutch)

Geluidsisolerende vlucht deur - Infra deur
Geluidsisolerende schuifdeuren
Geluidswerende binnendeur
Geluidswerende buitendeur
Geluidsdichte deuren muziekstudio - geluidsstudio
Soundproof doors

Doors tested and certified

With our soundproof doors you can be sure that you choose the best interior doors or external doors for your project. The properties of the doors are officially tested and certified according the latest European standards. This means that the doors have the most extensive certifications in the Netherlands; this is how we supply the largest soundproof and fireresistant doors that have been officially tested and certified according the latest European standards.


Download the official certificates and reports of the soundproof and fireresistant features of the doors.


Download the official certificates and reports of the other features of the doors.

Culture & Leisure

The culture and leisure sector produces noise with lots of low tones. Therefore the soundproof value of the doors in these audio spectra (Ra pop, Ra house, Ra cinema) is higher than the ‘standard’ Rw values.


  • Robust steel doors with a high soundproof value
  • Large certified dimensions deliverable
  • Safety properties, tested and certified
  • Fire resistant, burglar resistant, anti-panic, etc.
  • Project-specific lock and door fittings possible

Acoustic barrier doors along roads

  • Specially designed as escape doors for acoustic barriers along roads and railway lines.

Reference Soundproof doors

Alara-Lukagro delivers soundproof doors for construction, industry, energy, gas & oil and maritime.

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Prices Soundproof doors

The price of a soundproof door depands on different factors, under whiich the size of the door,  the execution and the options desired.
Our specialist helps you with you with a suitable offer for your project.

Aantal en afmetingen

Quantity and dimensions

Number of doors
Single and/or double leaf
Desired opening dimensions

Deuren Combinaties

Desired combinations

Sound insulation ranging from 45 – 57 dB
Fire resistance 30 – 120 min.
Burglar resistance WK2 or WK3
Air, wind or watertight

Deur beslag

Options and fittings

Desired door fittings
Desired preservation treatment
Door closer application
Type of doorstep

Maintenance & guarantee

Alara-Lukagro’s acoustic doors have a long lifespan because they are manufactured from durable materials. In addition their properties are comprehensively tested and certified. This provides the assurance of durable products for your project.

Is your building fitted with Alara-Lukagro doors? If so, we would be pleased to take their maintenance off your hands. Enquire about the different maintenance contracts at the bottom of this page.

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