Alara-Lukagro acoustic doors have the most extensive sound insulation certifications in the Netherlands; this means we supply the biggest acoustic rotating doors that are officially tested and certified according to the latest European standards.

Airborne sound insulation tested and certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 140-3, measured on:

  • Door type AL-D/D45: single-leaf door (Peutz report A 1659-2);
  • Door types AL-D/D50 – D56H: single-leaf door with 3-point closure (Cauberg-Huygen report 20082140-04).

Spectral insulation values per acoustic door type

631252505001k2k4k8kHzRw,p (C, Ctr)
AL-D/D4519324140424951dB45 (-2, -4)
AL-D/D501136434751515246dB50 (-1, -4)
AL-D/D521736464952545852dB52 (-1, -4)
AL-D/D542141485255556053dB54 (0, -3)
AL-D/D562943495256596353dB56 (-1, -4)
AL-D/D56-H34454852555557dB54 (0, -2)


Difference between Rw and Rw,p

In the world of acoustics, many different values ​​are used to express acoustic resistance.

  • The Rw value is the result of the sound insulation of a door leaf tested in a laboratory. The practice is not pursued here and the aim is solely to determine the acoustic properties of the door leaf itself.
  • The Rw,p value is the result of a laboratory tested door set. This involves testing a functional door in a frame including seals. In this setup, the actual application is pursued.

Single figure values per acoustic door type

Ra houseRa biosRa popRa Ultra basRa danceRa back- ground musicRa roadRa railRa lucht- verkeerRa industrie


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