Machine construction

You simply want the best for your customers. We fit your machine with acoustic enclosures, silencers or sound attenuating ventilation and always strive for the most effective and efficient solution. This guarantees your customer is satisfied.

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Extensive experience in this sector

We have already supplied noise control solutions for: engines; generators, turbines, transformers, compressors, pumps, boilers, winches, ventilators, furnaces, bulk handling, air and gas systems, cranes, wave motion installations and more.

Special containers

Would you like to install your machine safe and dry in a container? Do special dimensions, strict noise requirements or special wishes apply to your container. If so, you have come to the right address at Alara-Lukagro. We produce customised containers. With our knowledge of sound, advanced engineering using, for example, CFD and FEM analyses, and extensive production facilities we can produce the container you need for your specific project.

Special containers

Soundproof enclosure

We calculate sound and air flows, which guarantees a high soundproof level and optimal performance of your machine. Customisation offers considerable freedom of choice, such as diverse types of panels, access via doors and hatches, or the installation of electrical equipment such as lighting, HVAC etc.

View all possibilities:

Acoustic enclosure


Create an agreeable and safe work environment by applying industrial silencers, which reduce the sources of noise to your desired noise level.


Sound attenuated ventilation

Ventilation is needed if an installation is located in a room. For this purpose we design sound attenuated ventilation sets including silencers, flues, ventilators, filters, ductwork, multileaf dampers, fire dampers and rain hoods. Complete ventilating walls, constructed from acoustic louvres are also possible.

Sound attenuated ventilation sets

Tested and certified

Industrial doors often have specific designs. We develop these doors on a project-specific basis. Their properties are tested and certified.

  • Sound insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Burglar resistant
  • Air, wind and waterproof
  • Dimensions in accordance with your needs; extra large doors can be supplied with certification

Industrial doors

Access and ventilation is needed if an installation is located in a room. For this purpose we design special industrial soundproof doors, combined with properties such as fire resistance, burglar resistance and airtight properties etc.

Soundproof doors

Customer-specific standard

We always strive for the most efficient and effective solution for our customers. We offer you the option of jointly designing a standard model for your machines, which we subsequently put into production.

The advantages this offers you include:

  • Economic efficiency retaining our consistently high quality
  • Fast delivery due to time savings during the design process
  • Working with a permanent partner on which you can rely

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Solutions for diverse machines

View our reference projects for diverse machine constructors

Reliable and fulfils its promises

 “Alara-Lukagro has proved itself to us. We have worked together for years. Yes, it’s a great collaboration. They respect their agreements and the enclosures always do what is promised. You could say that we collaborate as partners.”

OEM purchaser

The guarantee of an effective solution for my customer

“The project is so incredibly complex and we want to be sure it will succeed. This is why we choose Alara-Lukagro, which is able to meet the delivery times and manage and implement the complex project.”

Project manager of a project involving 24 diesel engines

Want tailor-made advice for your project? We’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to discuss your needs!

“I’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to devise the optimal solution for your project. I have a number of years’ experience in this industry and therefore understand the issues that play a role in the market. Are you faced with a challenge? If so, you’ve come to the right place!”

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