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A healthy world involves a major role for mechanical engineers. They ensure sufficient healthy fresh air in a building, supply with clean water and a comfortable climate. We are pleased to contribute to their objective by making the environment around installations quieter.

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Installation noise

Thanks to modern technology installations are increasingly quiet. Yet there are cases in which an installation or ventilation opening exceeds the noise level. Common sources of noise and problem areas in installation engineering are:

  • Installations and machines such as cooling units and air treatment installations, heat pumps, boilers and burners.
  • Ventilation openings on a roof or in a facade
  • Ventilators
Cooling installations

Advantages of a sound barrier wall

We always go one step further to achieve an effective solution. Here are a number of advantages of working with us on your sound barrier wall:

  • The guarantee of sufficient capacity and wind load due to wind and steel construction calculations.
  • Maintenance friendly due to easily removable panels.
  • Quick assembly due to the sliding system.
  • Less risk of leakage, due to the use of the existing steel construction, which means the roof remains intact.

Sound barrier walls

In consultation with the acoustical engineer we determine whether a sound barrier wall offers sufficient soundproofing. This is often the case when 8-10 dB soundproofing is required. We provide customised solutions for higher noise requirements or special situations – see the ‘Customised solutions’ tab.

You can choose between different models and types of panels for a sound barrier wall, depending on your project requirements. For more information about the options and models, see:

Sound barrier walls

The advantage of customised solutions

The necessary soundproofing is achieved in consultation with the acoustical engineer. If a wall does not offer sufficient soundproofing we design a customised solution. The advantage of this is that we take optimal account of:

  • Low air resistance and minimal pressure loss, due to the application of acoustic louvres and splitters.
  • Efficient solution: highest level of soundproofing and an optimally efficient solution.
  • Lightweight, because it can be produced from aluminium.


An enclosure is most effective for a high soundproof level. However, adequate ventilation is required for installations due to the low air resistance. This is why a customised solution, or semi-enclosure, consists of a combination of:

  • Acoustic louvres
  • Splitter silencers
  • Sound absorbing panels

The entire solution is tailor-made, in close consultation with the acoustic adviser. We calculate the noise and technical air solution, for the wind load and strength of the steel construction.

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Technical rooms

Virtually every building has technical rooms with installations that produce noise. We offer diverse solutions for this issue:

  • Ventilation systems with duct silencers and rain hoods fitted with bird screen.
  • Soundproof doors, possibly combined with fire resistance and burglar resistance.

More information:

Sound attenuated ventilation system

Acoustic doors

Acoustic roof sources

Roofs often house ventilators, air outlets or vents, blowers, or suction installations from product lines or installations. For these noise sources we offer customised duct silencers and vent silencers (possibly combined with transformation silencers). We calculate the noise and technical air solution so that we achieve the required soundproofing and airflow. Contact us for more information, or view the silencers page:


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