Development & innovation

Noise control is a specialty. Our expertise in this field constitutes the foundation for our innovations in noise control. Scientific research and practical comparative research enables us to continuously expand this knowledge, which allows us to develop ever more innovative solutions that are quieter, more versatile, better or more durable.

Pioneer in certified solutions:

We are proud, and rightly so! Our solutions come with the most extensive certification in the Netherlands. We supply the largest acoustic and fire resistant revolving doors that are officially tested and certified according to the latest European standards.

Developments based on your demands

Product developments are often related to specific market demands. When someone encounters a product’s limitations, we possess the in-house knowledge to design an appropriate solution. If required these solutions can be tested and certified by official testing bodies in accordance with the latest European standards.

Recent innovations and developments

Alara-Lukagro member branch organization for data centers

Alara-Lukagro has become a member of the DDA, theDutch branch organization for data centers. Data centers form the core of our digital economy. Availability, speed and reliability are leading in the technical design. Alara-Lukagro is proud to be able to make an important contribution to a safe and reliable data center.

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From 1 November 2019 it is mandatory to supply fire-resistant doors with a CE marking in accordance with EN 16034. Despite the fact that Alara-Lukagro as the first supplier in the Netherlands is fully ready to deliver doors with CE marking, we continue to test. Read here why we do that?

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New measuring tools

Alara-Lukagro stands for quality. Quality that we also like to substantiate with figures. To be able to demonstrate that the desired and specified results have been achieved, we often carry out SAT and FAT tests on products and installations that we have supplied. To be able to perform these tests even better, we have purchased various new measuring tools.

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Own testing facility

During the development phase, we measure and test innovations in our very own testing facility at our production site in Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands). The optimal version of a product is then officially tested and certified in accordance with European standards.

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