New development: the AL-AW system

With the enormous increase in data traffic via the internet, data centers can no longer be ignored as an essential part of our infrastructure. Alara-Lukagro contributes to this by providing backup in case of a power failure (emergency power) and with safety during the escape in the case of an emergency. Of course always with our core business noise reduction in mind.

Current situation for placing doors

“The goalpost construction”

Our doors have been tested for fire resistance according to the most recent standards and have easily achieved this, but if the supporting wall in which the door is mounted falls away prematurely, the added value of the door has disappeared. To compensate for this, a fire-protected metal construction is being built around the doors. This resembles a goal and is therfore also called the “goalpost construction”.

Materials and time are precious and the portals are not always in the right angles, so that the doors cannot always be placed. These are unnecessary costs for which a solution must be found.

The AL-AW system

For this purpose Alara-Lukagro has developed the AL-AW system. An innovative profile that is placed around the sandwich panel wall and to which our door frames can be attached. The combination is strong enough to omit the goalpost.

Alara-Lukagro also had two fire tests carried out at Efectis to substantiate the fire-resistant requirements.

The result: cost and time savings during construction!

If you would like more information about our AL-AW system, please feel free to contact us.

Ronald van Ditshuizen Account Manager +31 (0) 184 820 764

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