Sound attenuated ventilation sets

Combine ventilation and soundproofing

Rooms that house machines and installations must be well ventilated. Heat often accumulates in the room and adequate cooling air is required. For example, it is important that flue gas is extracted when engines and generators are involved.

Moreover noise produced by machines and installations must not be audible outside, through the ventilation openings.

Alara-Lukagro supplies complete sound attenuated ventilation sets based on its knowledge of sound and air flows.

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Sound attenuated ventilation sets

Important for your ventilation set

We understand what is important to you in your ventilation set’s design.

  • Optimal performance of your machine or equipment
    Your machines or equipment is very costly. We understand this all too well. This is why we design the ventilation sets in such a way that your equipment can deliver an optimal performance, by removing heat and providing a fresh air supply.
  • The guarantee of an optimal result
    A successful project and satisfied user. And a project that complies with all the established requirements related to safety, noise limits, durability and so on. Our approach guarantees you the best results. And our references speak for themselves.
  • Effective and efficient
    We jointly reflect on your project as of the design phase, so that the ventilation set can be produced as efficiently and effectively as possible.
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Options and possibilities

Ventilation sets can be produced with:

  • Ductwork with silencers and ventilators
  • Filters, multileaf dampers, fire dampers and rain hoods
  • Exhaust system with approved and certified flues

Our very own engineering and production facilities already jointly reflect on your project in an early phase of the process in order to devise a suitable solution for the most complex situations.


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We make your project a success

Our project approach is based on knowledge. Knowledge of noise control, of market demands and of advanced engineering and production methods. We calculate soundproofing, heat accumulation, air flows and air speeds using CFD and FEM analyses. Aditionally, we have obtained a wide range of certificates.

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CFD analysis

Enquiry and prices

The exact execution of the ventilation set depends on:


The source

Number of machines
Brand/type/dimensions of the machine
Machine noise
(spectrum from 63 Hz to 8,000 Hz)
Required ventilation air
Possible gases released


Environmental conditions

Noise requirements
Safety requirements (e.g. fire resistance)
Other conditions: dust, etc.


Other requirements

All possible options, such as filters, multileaf dampers,
fire dampers, rain hoods, etc.

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