Acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvres for your project

Alara-Lukagro’s acoustic louvres are suitable for diverse applications; in construction, industry, on maritime vessels and offshore. Each market has specific requirements and guidelines, with which we align the louvres; examples include materials, certified filling and required airflow etc.

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Acoustic louvres

Sound insulation values louvres

Alara-Lukagro acoustic louvres, type AL-R, offer a solution where there are noise-reducing requirements for an outside air grille.

Rw 12 dB (0,-1)

Type AL-R / 150

AL-R150 geluiddempend rooster

Rw 19 dB (-1,-3)

Type AL-R / 300

AL-R300 geluiddempend rooster

Rw 20 dB (-1,-4)

Type AL-R / 300V

AL-R300V geluiddempend rooster

Rw 27 dB (-2,-7)

Type AL-R / 600V

AL-R600V geluiddempend rooster


        Data sheet        

Download this PDF data sheet containing information about material, finishes, options and possibilities. Complete spectral soundproof values, pressure losses and insertion loss. Drawings with details and dimensions.


Tested and certified

The louvres’ insertion loss is tested and certified in accordance with ISO 7235:2003 (in accordance with the Peutz report A 1659-1).

The airborne soundproofing has been tested and certified in accordance with ISO 140-3:1995 (in accordance with the Peutz report A 1659-1).


Different dimensions of acoustic louvres have recently been subjected to extensive testing. As a result we can optimally combine the desired volumetric flow rate (pressure loss) with the desired noise requirement. This allows us to consistently produce the optimal acoustic louvre for you.

Acoustic louvres for industry

Ventilation for technical rooms, installations and machines

Louvres for construction industry

The acoustic louvres are suitable for utility buildings and housing.

Ventilation for machines and installations

Louvres as an acoustic wall or as part of a total solution.


Standard louvres

We supply four types of louvres, which means the acoustic louvres are relatively standardised. This offers a high degree of efficiency. In terms of dimensions the louvres are produced on a project-specific basis.

Customised acoustic louvres

We can always provide a suitable solution for specific problems. We developed specific acoustic louvres for a project requiring a large number of louvres to comply with the exact project requirements. Our knowledge of sound enables us to successfully carry out such complex projects.

Calculate your acoustic louvres

You can use the louvre selection tool to quickly and easily calculate the acoustic and technical air properties of acoustic louvres.

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Relevant projects with Acoustic louvres

Why choose louvres from Alara-Lukagro?

You are guaranteed louvres that deliver optimal performance for your specific situation. As we perform noise and technical air calculations for the louvre and align the design accordingly to the best possible combination of soundproofing and pressure loss. The louvres are fully customised in accordance with your project. We also calculate, produce, coat and assemble them for you.

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Acoustic louvres

Enquiry and prices

An soundproof louvre’s design depends on:

sound insulation soundproof doors

Noise requirement

Noise requirement
Required pressure loss


Quantity, dimensions and material

Number of louvres



Ventilator plenums, valve housing, fire dampers, bird screen, rain and/or snow guard, with or without flange, desired preservation treatment etc.

The production of acoustic louvres

The production of our acoustic lourvres takes place in our production facility in Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands). From advice & design till guarantee and service, Alara-Lukagro is your partner.

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