Acoustic louvres for offshore platform Gina Krog

After the production and delivery of the acoustic air inlet for the motor of the offshore platform Gina Krog, Alara-Lukagro has received the order for the delivery of more than 100 aluminium acoustic ventilation louvres. Partly because of our years of experience we can design, engineer and produce acoustic louvres for offshore.

Vibratec Norway

IKM dsc Engineering AS.

Exploration and Production company:


Photo’s Gina Krog platform: Equinor

Acoustic ventilation louvre Gina Krog
Gina Krog oil platform 2@4x
Gina Krog oil platform 1@4x

Gina Krog

In 1974 Gina Krog was discoverd as a minor gas field. But in 2007 and 2008 it turned out that below the gas field there is also a large oil field. According to Statoil, Gina Krog has an estimated value of 225 million barrels of oil and gas.

Acoustic louvres

The Alara-Lukagro AL-R / 300 and AL-R / 150 louvres were delivered in different sizes. Exact according to the wishes of the customer. The specially designed aluminum frame, which covers the entire installation depth of the acoustic louvres, and ensures a secure fastening in the heavy steel construction of the wind walls.

After design and production the ventilation louvres were deliverd all in once and were transported with 3x 40ft. containers from Alara-Lukagro, Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands), to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) Korea.

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