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Command frigates, patrol vessels and diving vessels. The navy has an extensive fleet from which they monitor safety at sea. Alara-Lukagro is proud that we can make naval ships safer and more pleasant for those on board.

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Our solutions for a safe and pleasant working environment

Naval vessel

Sound insulating enclosures

The advantages of using a sound-insulating enclosure for propulsion engines and generator set on naval vessels:

  • Low noise emission: it is remarkably quiet when the propulsion engines and generator sets are in operation. The enclosures thus contribute to a safer and more pleasant engine room.
  • Low heat emission: the radiated heat from the engine or generator set can be removed directly from the engine room via ducting.
  • Ease and lower costs: an enclosure means handling the noise problem right at the source. Therefore, acoustic insulation of the generator room is easier and saves you costs.

Properties of an Alara-Lukagro enclosure:

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  • Shock-resistant: the enclosure design can accommodate shock loads, making it suitable to withstand combat conditions.
  • Easy maintenance: perfect accessibility thanks to modular design. The frame and removable panels make maintenance of the motor or generator easier.
  • Safe: improve safety in an event of fire with integrated fire-extinguishing units.
  • Durable: made with high quality materials and hardware.
  • Optimal performance of the motor or gensets: the enclosure is executed with sound attenuated ventilation provisions tailored to an appropriate cooling of the motor or generator sets.
  • Warranty: noise reduction is always guaranteed.
  • No vibration noise: vibration free installation with for instance a “double mass resilient system” is possible. For example, machinery to enclosure base frame and enclosure base frame to ship structure
  • Accessibility and space-saving: use of either hinged or sliding doors allows for quick, easy access using minimal space within the engine room.
  • Completely care-free: if desired, we can place the generator set in the enclosure, arrange transport and perform the installation as a whole on the naval vessel, with our own experienced and certified assembly team.
  • Complete: including base-plate with drip pan function, if desired.

Omkastingen 23 | Enclosure 23 | Schallschutzhaube 23
Omkastingen T | Enclosure T | Schallschutzhaube T
Omkastingen 26 | Enclosure 26 | Schallschutzhaube 26

Sound insulating walls and doors

The advantages of walls and doors for your naval ship:

  • Sound insulating walls offer you the possibility to create a fully enclosed, quiet room. The walls can be installed afterwards or in a later stage, which enables you to install bigger objects such as engines in the designated room earlier.
  • Doors have a clean design and are fully customisable and are therefore very appropriate to place anywhere in the vessel where high sound insulation is essential.

Alara-Lukagro provides you with:

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  • Quality doors with high sound insulation values and fire resistance properties. Integrated windows with sound insulating glass is possible. The doors are custom-build; all shapes and sizes are possible.
  • Clean-designed, high quality sound insulating wall elements with high sound insulation values. Walls can be provided with sound insulating doors, glass and ventilation openings with silencers.
  • Sound absorption panels for walls and ceilings. The panels are custom-build; all shapes and sizes are possible. The panels ensure a high sound absorption level in the room and a complete quiet result.

Ventilation provisions

The advantage of using noise reducing products for naval vessels:

  • Limit noise to the bare minimum or meet the applicable noise requirement.

Please contact Alara-Lukagro for:

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  • A ventilation system with optimum efficiency. Limit the pressure loss and the obstruction of the airflow, whilst taking into account the maximum backpressure of the underlying installations. Due to this the desired noise reduction will be achieved with optimum efficiency.
  • A wide range of products which offer you the optimal configuration and solution. These products, including silencers, acoustic louvres or complete ventilation systems, are tailor-made for you.
  • The complete noise and ventilation calculation for the supplied systems with guarantee on the agreed values and requirements.
  • Filter systems, pressure monitoring, valve systems etc. for a complete turnkey solution.


More solutions for silent naval ships

Various other solutions for marine application:

  • Sound insulation of machines and installations, such as mooring arrangements, bow thrusters, pumps, etc.
  • Vibration isolators such as exhaust suspensions, pipe systems or anti vibration mounts (AVM) for other applications.
  • Sound absorption panels for walls and ceilings. The panels are custom-build; all shapes and sizes are possible.

Alara-Lukagro as your partner means

  • Made in Holland: quality is guaranteed. Custom design, engineering, production and coating, all in our own facility in The Netherlands.
  • Knowledge: knowledge of sound, of demands from the market and advanced engineering and production methods.
  • Experience: ask for our impressive reference list.
  • Advice on the most effective, efficient and usable solutions for your situation.
  • Worldwide delivery and installation by our own experienced and certified machanics.
  • Approved and certified: Alara-Lukagro is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SCC certified. As far as possible we use MED-approved materials. We have experience with notified bodies such as BV, DNV-GL, Lloyd’s and ABS.

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We have extensive experience in noise control solutions for Navy vessels. We are proud of the impressive reference list with worldwide deliveries we supplied over the years. The complete reference list is available on request.

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