Decentralised power and CHP

The energy market in Europe is changing. It is shifting from a centrally managed energy supply based on fossil fuels to a decentralised sustainable energy supply. Energy generation is therefore increasingly performed at a local level.

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Solutions for your decentralised energy supply

CHP, district heating and local energy generation

Decentralised energy supplies exist in different forms: from solar panels to CHP. Several forms, which use generators, require an increased focus on noise nuisance control. We offer diverse solutions to combat noise produced by these installations.

Solutions for your decentralised energy supply

We provide your generators with complete acoustic enclosures with air inlet and air outlet systems. Regardless of whether it concerns one or dozens of installations.

Enclosure complete with:

  • Acoustic panels
  • Steel construction
  • Doors
  • Inspection hatches
  • Ventilation systems, etc.

The advantages this offers you:

  • Certification
  • The possibility of CFD and FEM calculations
  • 3D drawings
  • Worldwide assembly

Working method & certificates

How do we ensure your project is a success? It all boils down to our approach, which is based on knowledge; knowledge of sound, of market demands and advanced methods such as FEM and CFD analyses. Moreover we have obtained extensive certification and receive positive feedback to audits performed in our company.

CFD analysis

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