About us

The specialist in noise control

Making noise is easy. However, it is often necessary to make as little noise as is physically possible. From controlling the elements to concealing the smallest vibration is a profession which Alara-Lukagro has mastered. Craftsmanship which is all too often hidden behind or concealed in the work of others. Nevertheless it plays a decisive role in the end result.

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We are Alara-Lukagro.

Our aim is to make the world a quieter place. Safer. Healthier. More perfect. For our future. And for the future of the generations to come. We strive to build on a cooperation partnership comprising many ambitious employees. Prioritising attention and respect for our people’s individual craftsmanship. We invest in the continuous development of sustainable, effective technology. And share our knowledge and expertise with the world around us. So that today and tomorrow we are the most logical choice for clients that seek the best noise and vibration control solutions, just like us.

This is the silent power that drives us.

This is our vision.

Our ambition and our commitment to offer clients the best noise and vibration solutions resonates in all layers of our organisation. Every person’s craftsmanship contributes to ‘the greater whole’. We want our employees to shine, by investing in their development and in the best technology that is available. As a professional organisation we have the capacity to identify opportunities in the market, flexibly respond to developments and thus safeguard continuity, profitability and sustainable client relationships. We are convinced that we can continue to surpass clients’ expectations with this proactive approach, to jointly create a quiet, safe and healthy living and working environment. For everyone.

Our people

Surpassing expectations: this is what our people do. They achieve this through their passion for the job and genuine interest in our clients’ field. This dedication means that we always produce better solutions.

Bayu van Houten Project Engineer

“Each project is unique. This also applies to the design questions I receive about, for example, flow, heat and strength. We ensure the calculations are correct, jointly reflect with the client and ensure the project as a whole is feasible. However, no question is too crazy, we relish a challenge. We possess the knowledge, the tools and the drive to make the project a success.”

Michael Roode Account Manager

“Alara-Lukagro is an innovative, professional company that possesses considerable knowledge and experience. You can approach my colleagues and myself for advice and specific solutions for diverse projects. My challenge lies in continuously supporting you in finding the optimal solution with the required acoustic result.”

John de Groot Machine Department Team leader

“I have worked at Alara-Lukagro for over 20 years. Most people in my department have worked here a long time. What’s great about this department is that the project first goes into production here. This directly involves the challenge of staying ahead of the other production departments. Everything we do here is carried out with a great deal of commitment and experience.”

André Hameete Managing Director

“It’s people that make the difference. I believe that we can only be successful as a result of the efforts of our committed employees. Each one with his or her own specialty and craftsmanship. Every employee is important in this respect. I am also proud of the drive demonstrated by our people to achieve projects, large and small, with considerable commitment.”

Inhouse production

Our noise-reducing solutions, including enclosures, doors and grids, are produced in our production facility in Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands).

View the tour for an extensive 360 presentation of our production facility. Tip! Watch the tour with virtual reality glasses for a spectacular experience.

If you have questions about our production or would you like to visit our production facility, please contact us at +31 (0) 184 – 661 700.

You can watch the tour in VR by clicking the VR icon VR-glass@4x. When the view below doen’t support VR, please click here.

Where Alara-Lukagro stands for

Are you interested in our solutions but want to see for yourself what we’re all about? Make an appointment for a guided tour of our production facility and meet our people. You are very welcome!

kennis tot uw beschikking

Knowledge as foundation

Noise control is an art. This expertise constitutes the basis for truly effective solutions. Theoretical knowledge of sound and engineering, combined with extensive practical knowledge. We continuously invest in this knowledge by training our people, collaborating with knowledge institutes and continuously innovating our products and methods.

verrassend goed

Suprisingly effective

Quality is self-evident to us. Moreover we will offer you more advice that you asked for. Since we are slightly stubborn and go further than the job description: how could the project be smarter, more efficient, quieter… We always aim for the optimal solution. Customised for your project.

verantwoordelijke partner

Responsible partner

A committed and compact organisation, with trust as the basis of relationships. Collaboration in the form of a partnership. This is important to us. It also guarantees that with us, even the most complex issues are in good hands.

We manage work in a responsible and sustainable manner, in terms of relationships, employees and the environment.

Come and meet us

We would like to get to know you. Therefore we invite you for a guided tour through our production facility. You will experience for yourself how our solutions for a quiet, safe and healthy world are created. Meet our people and see how proud we are of our work.

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