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Splitter silencers

Splitter silencers

A splitter silencer consists of a damper casing that contains splitters. It can also be designed as a resonance silencer, to attenuate specific frequencies.

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Cylindrical silencers

Cylindrical silencers

The way cylindrical silencers work is based on absorption, just like the splitter silencer. This silencer is often used between pipes. The cylindrical silencer can be designed with an absorbing core or with splitters.

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Vent silencers

Safety vents or valves release steam or gas under high pressure, which causes a great deal of noise. In a vent silencer the pressure is gradually reduced in several pressure stages, in which the frequency spectrum shifts. The residual noise is subsequently reduced in the absorption chamber.

The silencer can be designed as a combined transformer and absorption silencer for broadband attenuation.

Special designs, multiple inlets and outlets and horizontal and vertical assembly are possible. The vent silencer can be supplied with hoisting lugs, supports, a rain hood and all the necessary product documentation.

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Flue and exhaust silencers

Flue and exhaust silencers are used to reduce noise produced by combustion engines and for heavy industrial applications such as flues for boiler installations.


  • Sound attenuation up to Rw 50 dB
  • Gas speed up to 50 m/s with maximum counter pressure, temperatures up to 800°C
  • Flue and exhaust silencers can be designed as an absorption silencer for broadband attenuation.
  • To attenuate specific frequencies the flue and exhaust silencers can be designed as a resonance or combination silencer.
  • Designed as a quarter-wave attenuator (Helmholtz) for highly polluted gas flows.

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Pulsation silencers

Pulsation silencers (photo 1)

These are used in pressure pipes behind compressors, vacuum pumps and positive displacement blowers. Resonance chambers in the silencers ensure that the pulsation’s main interference frequencies are attenuated. An absorption section ensures broadband attenuation of the noise.

Hydraulic pulsation silencer (photo 2)

This silencer is for a different application, directly behind a hydraulic pump, where there are always (minor) variations in the flow rate. The pulsations are converted into pressure variations in the pressure pipe. The pressure variations can produce powerful noise emissions, to which a hydraulic pulsation silencer is applied.

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