Offshore working vessels and dredging vessels

Dutch shipyards are considered all over the world to be experts in the field of maritime technology. Therefore we are incredibly proud to be a supplier to this sector! Providing high quality solutions that make your ship safer and more pleasant for those on board.

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Offshore working vessels noise sources

Offshore working vessels and dredging vessels

Solutions for noise produced on offshore working and dredging vessels

Special containers

Non-standard dimensions or special design requirements? If so, we are your ideal partner. If you need special containers we can provide a suitable, customised solution.

We have supplied LER and EPU containers (including electrical installations) as well as beveling stations and smoking room containers.


Enclosures and cabins

Enclosures for generator sets, bow thrusters and other machines and installations, and soundproof cabins for engine rooms. Always designed and produced to your particular specifications, so that it is a perfect fit for your vessel. Approved and certified in accordance with the latest maritime standards. Including electrical installations, if required.

Acoustic enclosure

Soundproof cabins


Splitter silencers or cylindrical silencers ensure that your ventilation system complies with noise requirements. They are tailor-made for you in accordance with the latest maritime standards, specifically for the particular situation on your vessel.


Sound attenuated ventilation sets

Ventilation shafts provide air supply and extraction in, for example, the engine room. Obviously, the noise produced in the engine room must not spread outside or to other rooms such as the wheelhouse. We provide your vessel with a complete, tailor-made ventilation system with, for example, cylindrical silencers, splitter silencers and fire dampers.

Sound attenuated ventilation sets

Soundproof doors

Do you want to equip your wall with a door? We offer high-quality soundproof doors made to your desire.

If the existing cabin doors are no longer adequate we can also produce new doors. B30 or B60, soundproof and fire resistant. Manufactured in accordance with IMO, MED, Rina, etc.

Sound barrier walls

Do you have sound sources on deck or in the machine room where you want to realise slight or directed sound attenuation? You can choose sound barrier walls as temporary or permanent solution. Depending on your project we offer a tailor-made solution. For example, think about the following possibilities:

  • A range of diverse panel types, depending on the desired sound level and solidness.
  • With or without steel structure.
  • With desired coating.
  • Possible with doors.

Working method & certificates

How do we ensure your project is a success? It all boils down to our approach, which is based on knowledge; knowledge of sound, of market demands and advanced methods such as FEM and CFD analyses. If required our solutions can also be implemented in accordance with MED, IMO, Rina, CSC, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Lloyd’s, ISO, etc.

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Reference projects

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Collaboration in the form of a partnership

“We are satisfied with Alara-Lukagro as our partner for supplying the 20 ft EPU container. I would recommend Alara-Lukagro’s services and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

Senior Account Engineer – Huisman Europa

A surprisingly effective result

After the cabin was installed the sound level was measured by IHC Beavers Dredgers and the results were 111 dB(A) outside the cabin and 68 dB(A) in the cabin, announced as “a remarkably good result”. Since then, Alara-Lukagro has supplied another three identical soundproof cabins to IHC Merwede.

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“I’d be delighted to sit around the table with you to devise the optimal solution for your project. I have a number of years’ experience in the maritime sector and therefore understand the issues that play a role in the market. Are you faced with a challenge? If so, you’ve come to the right place!”

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