Structural FEM and CFD analysis

Structural FEM and CFD analysis

Our products have proven themselves in the past and are ready for a future filled with silence. However, the performance of our products can’t always be easily predicted in every situation. When a higher certainty is required, Alara-Lukagro has the knowledge and tools available to guarantee the safety and functionality of our products with the help of structural FEM and CFD analysis.

Structural FEM analysis

The products of Alara-Lukagro can vary in size, ranging from very compact acoustic canopies to motor-specific noise enclosures, sometimes several stories high.

In all cases, safety comes first. Depending on the environmental, functional and installation conditions, there may be critical requirements for the global strength or for that one specific detail. Strength and stiffness is often provided by our acoustic panels, but sometimes a load-bearing steel structure is required to meet all demands following customer requirements and applicable standards, onshore or offshore.

The structural verification of our products is mainly done in-house with Autodesk software by our own specialists.

  • Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional is used for design and verification of steel structures. This application provides efficient code-checking capabilities for a range of internationally used standards such as Eurocode 3, AISC 360 and CSA S16.
    Reports can be generated to show the safety for the specific location and situation.
  • Autodesk Inventor Nastran is a powerful application for linear and non-linear FEM analysis of shell and solid models to verify, for example, complex details or stressed skin designs.

Although we have many years of experience in studying, applying and updating various standards, it can always occur that a customer or exotic international location offers us a new challenge.

For example in the case of NFPA68 on Explosion Protection, we studied the standard extensively in order to correctly quantify the effects that occur and design our products accordingly.

CFD analysis

Offering acoustic solutions goes beyond simply shielding users or just enveloping the noise emitting source. Openings are inevitable for the supply and discharge of air, so correct cooling and a clear understanding of the pressure losses in the ventilation system are important.

Sometimes we are challenged by exceptional ventilation situations or customer questions that cannot be solved with the standard calculation sheets. For these questions, Computational Fluid Design (CFD) analysis can be performed to provide insight into the occurring air flow. This validation can be performed afterwards for an existing project or already at an early engineering stage to assist you in your system design.
With COMSOL Multiphysics, 2D and 3D geometry can be analyzed in different flow situations in order to achieve an optimized design.

With CFD we can offer you the certainty that a design is capable of dealing with low and high temperatures and for example be ready for climate changes.
For internal product development processes, CFD lets us virtually simulate our systems and products before production actually starts.

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