Acoustic louvres residential complex Amsterdam

Alara-Lukagro has received from construction company J.P. van Eesteren the commissioned to supply 165 acoustic louvres for the Q Residences residential complex on Buitenveldertselaan in Amsterdam.

Project properties

  • Construction company: JP van Eesteren
  • Developers: Kroonenberg Groep, NEOO
  • Architect: Studio Gang (Chicago)
  • Co-architect: Rijnboutt
  • Location: Buitenveldert Amsterdam
  • Duration: 2019 – 2022

Photos: © Kroonenberg Groep


Akoestische roosters - Q Residences
Geluiddempende roosters - Q Residences
Roosters - Q Residences

Residential complex Q Residences

The residential complex Q Residences will be built in the Buitenveldert district in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) between 2019 and 2022. The complex consists out of a 75-meter residential tower (high-rise Quartz) and an adjacent 35-meter residential building (low-rise Qube), with a total of 248 homes. In addition to the houses, the complex also offers space for catering, lifestyle, retail and approximately 130 parking-lotes. Besides that, there will be a plaza between the buildings.

Q Residences combine the imposing high-rise of the Zuidas with the low-rise and free space of Buitenverldert. Q Residences offers both the dynamics of the city and greenery and tranquility within reach.

Read more about this project on the Q Residences website Q Residences

Custom-made acoustic grilles

165 AL-R / 150 acoustic louvres of various sizes will be installed in the facade of the residential complex. The louvres are produced by Alara-Lukagro exactly according to the wishes of the companies involved. During the development process, discussions were held with the acoustics consultant, architect / developer and contractor.

The louvres must ensure that the noise nuisance from outside in the houses is reduced to a minimum. In addition to high requirements for acoustics, this project also has high requirements for effective free air flow, in order to meet the desired living comfort.

Dimensions as fixed

The dimensions of the louvres vary from approximately 800/1110/1550 mm high x 830 mm wide. The design of the complex is leading for the dimensions. The dimensions were therefore a fixed factor in the development of the louvres. In order to meet the requirements for specific acoustic damping and free air flow, modified gap heights have been used.

Mock-up extensively tested

Before producing all 165 louvres, a mock-up of the louvres was first produced. This mock-up has been extensively tested by an external research agency in a fictional living environment.

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