Alara-Lukagro soundproof doors can be combined with fire-resistance and burglar resistance. All the doors are certified as fire-resistant doors according to EN 1634-1. Alara-Lukagro fire doors are available as single-leaf and double-leaf doors.

The fire doors are customised according to the specifications you require. Fire doors classifications and maximum certified dimensions according to tables below. Ew 120 is not an official classification, but is available.

Fire-resistance classifications with maximum dimensions.

Dimensions of openings in mm based on an angle frame*

ClassificationW (m)H (m)S (m2)W (m)H (m)S (m2)
Ew 301,3953,3273,873,1523,5979,45
Ew 601,3953,3273,873,1523,5979,45
Ew 901,3953,3273,873,1523,5979,45
Ew 1203,0253,4539,08
El2 301,3953,3273,873,1523,5979,45
El2 601,3953,3273,873,0253,4539,08
El2 901,1222,6672,99
El1 301,3953,3273,873,1523,5979,45
El1 601,3953,3273,873,0253,4539,08
El1 90

B = Width / H = Hight / O = Surface

Dimensions of openings in mm based on a block frame*

ClassificationW (m)H (m)S (m2)W (m)H (m)S (m2)
Ew 301,4313,3454,003,1883,6159,62
Ew 601,4313,3454,003,1883,6159,62
Ew 601,4313,3454,003,1883,6159,62
Ew 1203,0613,4719,25
El2 301,4313,3454,003,1883,6159,62
El2 601,4313,3454,003,0613,4719,25
El2 901,1582,6853,11
El1 301,4313,3454,003,1883,6159,62
El1 601,4313,3454,003,0613,4719,25
El1 90

B = Width / H = Hight / O = Surface

*The width and height size are a restriction to the maximum permissible dimensions. The size indicated for the surface area may not be exceeded.

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Price fireproof internal and external doors

The price of a firproof steel door depends on different factores, for example the classification wanted and de dimensions of the door. Contact us for more information.

Test fire doors

The movie below shows a fire test of a fireproof double-leaf door with glass. Testlocation: Efectis in Bleiswijk.

More information about fire doors?

Looking for more information about the fire-resistance classifications of our acoustic doors? Or do you want more informatie about the right fire door for your project? Contact our specialist.

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