Soundproof doors for mirror tent Paris

From mirror tent (dutch: spiegeltent) seller and owner Magic Mirrors BVBA Alara-Lukagro has received an order for the Cabaret Sauvage project in the center of Paris. The order contains the delivery of 4 double-leaf soundproof doors including a corner frame. The exterior doors will become part of a mirror tent that is largely made of wood.

Magic Mirrors BVBA

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Cabaret Sauvage Paris - Soundproof doors
Cabaret Sauvage Paris
Cabaret Sauvage Paris

Cabaret Sauvage

Cabaret Sauvage exists since 1994 and is located in Parc de la Villette. Cabaret Sauvage offers visitors a special place to eat and drink, a place to dance, but also a place where you can enjoy various performances.

The structure with a diameter of 35 meters, including walls and roof, is largely made of wood. In addition, the roof of the mirror tent is equipped with solar panels. If desired, the building can be completely demolished and rebuilt at another location.

The new Cabaret Sauvage will open its doors in October 2019.

Soundproof doors

An important challenge by designing the Cabaret Sauvage mirror tent was to control the sound. For the doors on the side and rear of the stage, which lead directly to the outside, Alara-Lukagro AL-D / D54 soundproof doors have been chosen. For a safe exit in the event of a calamity, 2 double-leaf door frame combinations are provided with EN 1125 panic fittings.

AL-D / D54 doors have a RApop value of 46 dB, RAhouse of 34 dB and RAbios of 42 dB.

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