Acoustic sliding doors for Education and Cultural Center

Alara-Lukagro has received the order from Bouwcombinatie Cadanz to deliver and assemble 2 acoustic single-leaf and 2 acoustic double-leaf sliding doors for an Education and Cultural Center in The Hague. The center is being built right in the center of The Hague (Spuiplein).

The Hague

Education and Cultural Center Spuikwartier

Bouwcombinatie Cadanz (Boele & Van Eesteren + Visser & Smit)

LBP Sight


OCC Den Haag Spuiplein
OCC Den Haag Voorgevel
Onderwijs- en cultuurcentrum Den Haag Concertzaal@4x
Onderwijs- en cultuurcentrum Den Haag theaterzaal@4x

Education and Cultural Center The Hague

The Education and Cultural Center in The Hague will have a concert hall for 2,500 people, a theater hall with around 1,500 seats, an ensemble hall for around 600 visitors and a rehearsal hall that can accommodate another 200 people. There is also room for shops and restaurants. With an expected 300,000 visitors per year, it will be a place where everyone can enjoy a wide cultural offer and where there is plenty of room for initiatives from the city: from an open stage for bands to city debates.

From 2021, the center will house 4 top institutions in The Hague: Dans- en Muziekcentrum Den Haag (the current Zuiderstrandtheater), Koninklijk Conservatorium, Nederlands Dans Theater and Residentie Orkest Den Haag.


Sustainability plays an important role during the project. The center will have 4,000 m2 of solar panels, rain-flushed toilets, temperature regulation through geothermal heat, 50 bird houses and 28 built-in bat houses. To which we, Alara-Lukagro, like to attach our name.

Acoustic sliding doors

The sliding doors are made in large dimensions and have a high range in the pop spectrum. The doors are operated electrically with a push button switch with a “dead man’s button” function. With the double-leaf doors, both doors can be opened and closed separately. The sliding doors are finished in RAL 7016.

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