Enclosure for generator sets on a Shell offshore platform

During renovation work to the Shell Leman offshore platform, gas turbine sets were replaced with new Caterpillar gas generators. AMEC approached Alara-Lukagro with the request to develop an acoustic enclosure for the generator sets.

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Shell Leman offshore platform

Shell Leman is an offshore production platform for natural gas. The platform is located just off the coast of Great Yarmouth. Production started at the platform in 1968. It was renovated to be used for another twenty years. During renovation work the gas turbine sets were replaced with new type 3516 Caterpillar gas generators.

Noise in the workplace

The new generator sets produce unacceptable noise levels. This not only disturbed the employees carrying out their work, but also has a considerable negative effect on the work-life quality on board the platform. Amec Foster Wheeler was involved in the renovation and approached Alara-Lukagro to design a solution for the noise produced by the generator sets.

Acoustic enclosure for generator sets

Alara-Lukagro designed and produced three acoustic enclosures for the new generators on the Shell Leman platform in close collaboration with Amec.

Generator sets’ enclosure properties:

  • Customised to be fully compatible with the situation on the platform
  • The enclosures are self-supporting, consisting of a modular panel design
  • Fitted with doors, windows and hatches for optimal operation and control
  • Offshore resistant wet paint system applied in-house
  • Quick and easy dismantling for performing maintenance
enclosure generator sets
enclosure generator sets
enclosure generator sets
enclosure generator sets

Extremely satisfied customer

Noise requirement achieved

Once the enclosure had been installed, the established noise level of 85 dB was easily achieved; the result of the noise measurement was 75 dB at one metre from the enclosure. Amec Engineering was extremely happy with the result and the collaboration with Alara-Lukagro.

FPAL assessment of the Shell Leman platform’s acoustic enclosure for the generator sets. Assessment performed by the buyer, Amec Foster Wheeler.

Score: 8.4

Alara-Lukagro was awarded 8.4 (out of 10) for 14 aspects, including product quality, project management, installation and facilities. A result we can be proud of!

More information

Are you faced with a similar challenge? Are you experiencing a different offshore sound problem? Or do you require an enclosure for your machine for another application?

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