Acoustic enclosure for Vermilion pump set

On a Vermilion site two pumps were installed in a 10ft standard container. Sound measurements revealed that the installation emitted too much noise. Alara-Lukagro supplied an acoustic enclosure for the pump sets, which was installed around the existing container.

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Acoustic enclosure for pump set

Alara-Lukagro designed and produced the acoustic enclosure for Vermilion, treated it (with a powder-coating) and subsequently installed it on location. A heavy panel structure was selected to effectively attenuate the low frequency noise from the pumps. An acoustic louvre was installed in the enclosure to extract the heat produced by the electric engines.

acoustic enclosure pump set
acoustic enclosure pump set
acoustic enclosure pump set
acoustic enclosure pump set
acoustic enclosure pump set
acoustic enclosure pump set

FPAL – supplier assessment

Great result

Eric van Bennekom, project manager at Vermilion Oil & Gas Netherlands is thrilled with the result. “The quality of the acoustic enclosure, the installation of the project as a whole and the service provided by Alara-Lukagro were particularly good,” explains Van Bennekom.

FPAL assessment of an acoustic enclosure for a pump set. Assessment performed by the Vermilion Oil & Gas logistics supervisor.

Score: 7.4

The assessment resulted in a 7 or higher (out of 10) for all 15 aspects. Product quality, service and installation in particular were rated extremely good.

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