Customised enclosure for installations at NAM Schoonebeek

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NAM Schoonebeek oil field

Schoonebeek is a village in the southeast corner of Drenthe. Underneath Schoonebeek, at a depth of around 800 metres, is the largest crude oil reserve in continental Western Europe. The field was put into production again several years ago. Alara-Lukagro engineered and produced several customised acoustic enclosures for diverse installations at the oil production site. The entire project was commissioned by Jacobs Nederland BV.

Customised enclosure

Enclosures’ properties

  • Diverse enclosures for water injection installations and diverse enclosures for pumps and other installations
  • Enclosures designed as drop-overs for quick assembly by crane on location (see photo)
  • Transportation of the enclosures in one piece – largest enclosure ca 13 x 4 x 4 metres with a corresponding weight of up to 16 tonnes, also transported in one piece
  • Extremely effective technical sound properties
  • Customised, complete enclosure with steel structure
  • Optimal accessibility due to soundproof revolving and sliding doors and roof hatches
  • Integrated ventilation system for climate control and air inlet and outlet

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