Louvres for high-rise apartments

Previously, high-rise buildings were almost always used for offices, universities, and hospitals. Nowadays, because of urbanisation and shortage of (payable) homes, the building of high-rise apartments, or stacked houses, is on the rise in big cities. Moreover, these apartments are built increasingly on noise intensive locations, e.g., in the proximity of busy roads, motorways and railways.

To ensure a pleasant and healthy living environment, high-rise apartments must be provided with sufficient ventilation. To follow the requirements of noise policy and to create a silent facade, acoustic ventilation louvres are being used. These louvres also prevent noise radiation from inside the building to the outside environment.

AL-R acoustic louvres

Acoustic louvres from Alara-Lukagro are already being successfully applied in various residential towers. Our standard AL-R louvres are available in four different models, each with their own specific properties.  Noise reduction is possible from Rw 12dB up to Rw 27dB. If desired, the louvres can also be produced with a customised air-crack to achieve every desired combination of pressure loss and noise reduction.

AL-R ventilation louvres can be applied both directly in the facade and in combination with sound boxes or other facade elements. In the past, we already collaborated with various producers of, among others, composite solutions, and balcony glazing. The louvres are available in almost every (RAL-)colour, because of which they can match perfectly with the rest of the residential complex.


Our louvres have been assessed on various properties, among which the airborne sound insulation, aerodynamic resistance, fall-through safety, and material behaviour during fire. Thus, you can be sure that the Alara-Lukagro louvres for high-rise homes are both of a high quality and high safety.


Have a look at our projects using louvres for high-rise apartment buildings:

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