Experts in Noise Control Solutions

“To provide you, our customer, with the most effective and efficient solution in noise control”, that is what Alara-Lukagro stands for as Experts in Noise Control Solutions. With 50 years of experience and knowledge in this field, Alara-Lukagro provides custom-designed noise control solutions for every market.

Sound insulating enclosures
Complete and turn-key. In accordance with the latest norms and regulations.

Sound insulating doors
Noise insulating up to 56 dB. Acoustic doors in combination with fire- and burglary resistance.

Several types, among which splitter silencers, blow-off silencers and exhaust gas silencers.

Acoustic louvers
Limited depth for built-in element and low air resistance. Aesthetic added value due to identical appearance of louvers with different insulation values.

Vibration isolators
Several vibration isolators for acoustically decoupling walls, floating floors or the vibration-free placement of machines.

Alara-Lukagro noise control solutions
Alara-Lukagro noise control solutions