Alara-Lukagro part of IPCOM group

  • Creating a leading position and strong expertise in acoustic noise control
  • Expansion of R&D and production capabilities
  • Providing synergies with IPCOM company Atis International, acoustic specialist

We’re pleased to announce that on May 18th 2021 Alara-Lukagro became part of the IPCOM group. By joining IPCOM, we are strengthening the foundation of our organization, so that we can continue to learn and grow. We’re convinced that this will allow us to serve our customers even better. 

Alara-Lukagro has experienced significant growth in recent years. Turnover has increased significantly and the organization has become larger and more internationally active. At present, the organization has reached a level at which the next step can be taken. The acquisition will enable Alara-Lukagro to realize its growth ambitions and to acquire a leading position in the fields of noise control, ventilation technology and fire protection.

“Joining the IPCOM Group is the perfect next step to fully exploit the potential of Alara-Lukagro. As the Group, especially Atis International, largely shares the same business DNA, we have all the elements for a strong growth story and future together”; says André Hameete, CEO and owner of Alara-Lukagro.

“We are very pleased to welcome Alara-Lukagro into the IPCOM family. The deal is a perfect fit as Atis International, and Alara-Lukagro are largely complementary. Atis International has built a strong position over the years in acoustic, thermal and fire resistant insulation materials, while Alara-Lukagro has built a strong international position in customized acoustic noise control solutions. Our combined product range and market position will strengthen our leading position as expert in noise control in various markets,” says Remco Boerefijn, CEO of IPCOM.

Tailord noise control solutions

Alara-Lukagro, founded in 1964,  is a leading Dutch manufacturer of noise control solutions. With a production facility of approximately 20.000 m2 in Groot Ammers (NL), Alara-Lukagro manufactures products such as sound-insulating doors, acoustic enclosures, sound-insulating walls, louvres and silencers tailored to the customer’s needs. This for any market, on any scale.


IPCOM, headquartered in Belgium, is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies, specialized in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions for thermal insulation, high-temperature insulation, passive fire protection and acoustic insulation. IPCOM’s customers are installers, international contractors, wholesalers and OEM’s in a wide range of industries and markets. IPCOM employs over 880 people and delivers its solutions through a network of over 50 outlets across 13 countries in Europe.

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