Not only quieter, but also greener

As a community, we are possibly facing the greatest challenge in history, namely the energy transition. How are we going to make our energy consumption more sustainable in a market with an increasing need for energy.

Alara-Lukagro aims to make the world a quieter place, but also likes to contribute to sustainability. We do this, among other things, by supplying sound-absorbing ventilation louvres for the ventilation of an indoor heat pump in the Opwierde sub-area 5 project in Appingedam.

In this project, 92 newly built homes will be heated and provided with hot tapwater through a heat pump. This heat pump is located in an outdoor storage room, which is equipped with two acoustic ventilation louvres to ensure a sufficient air inflow and air outflow.

In close consultation with Nijhuis Bouw B.V and Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Alara-Lukagro  has configured the right type of louvre in which the optimum optimization between air circulation and sound damping is realised. Thus, the heat pump will keep functioning optimally and the world will become a bit quieter again.

The houses are being built on behalf of Woongroep Marenland and are designed by the architectural firm TWA architecten.

Ronald van Ditshuizen Account Manager +31 (0) 184 820 764