Splitter silencers for incineration plant reduces noise

Europem NV builds plants for receiving and incinerating waste, and for energy recovery from waste. The ground flare at one plant produced too much noise at the suction openings. Alara-Lukagro designed and produced six splitter silencers to resolve this issue.

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Splitter silencers

Noise from the ground flare originated from the incineration process in the burner (60 MW combustion heat) on the one hand and from the combustion and cooling air suction on the other. Alara-Lukagro designed and produced the solution for the suction openings:

  • six splitter silencers.
  • Noise and technical air calculations were produced to obtain optimal noise reduction and air flow.
  • Silencers were fitted across the existing suction openings using an adapter.
  • 45° suction hoods were fitted to make the structure rainproof.

splitter silencers
splitter silencers
splitter silencers

Noise reduction using splitter silencers

Applying the silencers reduced the sound pressure level at one metre from the suction opening to 85 dB. Thanks to the splitter silencers the ground flare now complies with the established noise requirements.

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