Soundproof door with glass MFA 'Hart voor Treebeek'

In Treebeek, Brunssum’s largest district, the multifunctional accommodation (MFA) “Hart voor Treebeek” is being built. On behalf of Smeets Bouw Alara-Lukagro will deliver and install various door frame combinations.

Project properties

  • Project name: Hart voor Treebeek (Heart for Treebeek)
  • Architect: Wauben Architects
  • Construction company: Smeets Bouw
  • Client: Municipality of Brunssum
  • Acoustics consultant: Deerns
  • Location: Orionplein Treebeek (Brunssum)



Multifunctionele accommodatie Brunssum - Glazen deuren
MFA Treebeek - Deuren met glas
MFA Treebeek voorzijde

MFA “Hart voor Treebeek”

Commissioned by the municipality of Brunssum, Smeets Bouw is building a multifunctional accommodation (MFA) on Orionplein. The aim of the accommodation is to increase the quality of the facilities and life in the Treebeek district.

The accommodation will include a medical center, activity center, meeting place / Grand Café and an information point for local residents. In addition, there will be 30 apartments in the building, intended for single and double households.


From design to realization

Alara-Lukagro was approached in 2018 by acoustical consultant ‘Deerns’ and architectural firm ‘Wauben Architects’ to help think about the design of a number of high-quality acoustic doors. After a development process and a tendering procedure of 2 years, we received the order from Smeets Bouw.

For this project, Alara-Lukagro supplies 3 AL-D / D56 sound-insulating double-leaf doors with a Ra pop value of 47 dB. Both the active and passive door leaf will be fitted with acoustic glazing measuring (W x H) 550 x 2,000 mm. To prevent burglary, high-quality SKG *** door fittings are used. In addition, the doors are equipped with an escape function to be able to escape quickly in case of calamities.

The assembly will most likely take place in mid-2021.

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