Soundproof control cabin for manufacturing plant

An installation’s control room in an industrial manufacturing plant in Belgium needed replacing. However, it is located near a furnace and is therefore exposed to splashes of liquid slag and noise nuisance. Alara-Lukagro designed and produced the new cabin.

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Cabin: soundproof, stainless steel and turnkey

The cabin’s design

  • Constructed from soundproof panels in 316 stainless steel
  • Equipped with a changing room and control room, separated by a wall with an automatic stainless steel sliding door
  • Windows: made from safety glass with splash protection on the furnace side to protect against the hot slag and spatters
  • Floor: reinforced concrete and floor tiles
  • Roof: fitted with bitumen roofing and gutter including drainpipe
  • Fitted with: stainless steel desk, swivel chairs, storage cabinet, fridge, radio system, fittings to suspend screens and cable ducts
  • Cable transits
  • Well thought out design to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Preservation: stained and passivated. No paint was applied.

Soundproof control cabin

The manufacturing plant’s owner approached DOX Acoustics, Alara-Lukagro’s Belgian partner, to develop a new soundproof cabin. Alara-Lukagro engineered and produced the entire product in close collaboration with DOX Acoustics. The design is described above.

Installed at a height

The soundproof cabin was produced and assembled as one module at Alara-Lukagro’s production site in Groot-Ammers. It was then transported to the manufacturing site in Belgium and installed in one piece at a height using a crane. This fast assembly means that there was minimal disruption to the manufacturing process.

A safe and comfortable work environment

The control cabin offers all these properties and facilities in a safe and comfortable work environment.

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