Sound barrier wall prevents noise nuisance from a gas treatment unit

The gas treatment unit at the Vermilion Oil & Gas natural gas production site near Eernewoude (The Netherlands) was emitting too much noise to a home close by. A sound barrier wall offered the ideal solution to the problem.

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Noise nuisance solution

The Noordelijk Akoestisch Adviesbureau advised the installation of an acoustic and sound-absorbing barrier wall between the installation and the home, to limit the noise emission in the direction of the home. Vermilion Oil & Gas approached Alara-Lukagro to engineer, produce, preserve and install the sound barrier wall, including the foundation.

Sound barrier wall provides solution

Advantages of a sound barrier wall

  • Wall constructed from sandwich panels
  • Designed to be sound absorbing on one side
  • Height 3.5 m, width 9.5 m
  • Steel construction: calculated by Alara-Lukagro in terms of wind loads using Eurocode 3 supplemented by the National Annex (related to the height of the wall)
  • Concrete foundation supplied by a third party
  • Full design, production and assembly provided

Sound barrier wall
Sound barrier wall
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Great result

Once the project was completed the Vermilion Oil & Gas construction supervisor assessed Alara-Lukagro’s work on 15 different aspects, in accordance with the FPAL assessment system. Alara-Lukagro was awarded an 8 (out of 10) on all 15 aspects – including product quality, project management, installation and service. A result to be proud of!

FPAL assessment of an acoustic wall at a gas field. Assessment performed by the Vermilion Oil & Gas construction supervisor.

Score: 8

Alara-Lukagro was awarded an 8 (out of 10) on 15 aspects, including product quality, project management, installation and service. Definitely a result to be proud of!

More information?

Are you faced with a similar challenge? Alara-Lukagro has extensive experience in sound barrier walls for industry. Different types of panels offer you a wide choice, with quality guaranteed.

Contact us with your questions and we will be delighted to advise you on a suitable acoustic wall for your project.

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