Acoustic enclosures for EDMG’s

For the West Nile Delta (WND) Project, Alara Lukagro took care of the design, production and delivery of acoustic enclosures and ventilation sets for the EDMGs (Emergency Diesel Generator Sets) in collaboration with and for Topec.



E&P company

Offshore Raven Field (Alexandria, Egypt)


Acoustic enclosure Topec
Acoustic enclosure Topec
Acoustic enclosure Topec

West Nile Delta project

The West Nile Delta (WND) project involves the development of gas and condensate fields located within the North Alexandria (N Alex) and West Mediterranean Deepwater concessions in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 65km to 85km off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.

Internal transport enclosures by Topec

Acoustic enclosures

The enclosures, with dimensions of 17x4x4.5 meters and 14.5×3.5×3.9 meters, are intended for generator sets that were built by Topec as an emergency power supply for a land-based installation of BP on the Offshore Raven Field. Located near the Nile Delta and the city of Alexandria (Egypt).

The enclosures have a noise guarantee of 85 dB (A) at 1 meter distance from the acoustic container and ventilation openings. Design is according to the American design standard AISC 360-10, taking into account seismic forces and transport movements. The welds are according to the American welding standard AWSD1.1.

The 17-meter-long enclosure was transported to Topec by water, the 14.5-meter-long enclosure was transported by road.

For the cooling of the gensets, the enclosures are equipped with ventilation sets with AL-R / 300V acoustic louvres. One of the containers is equipped with acoustic louvres with an adjusted air gap, which enabled us to achieve a large saving of space in the container.

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