Enclosure for tomato grower's CHP installation

Benteltom in Oud Turnhout (The Netherlands) is a tomato grower occupying around 30,000 m2. Alara-Lukagro supplied the complete acoustic enclosure for the grower’s CHP installations.

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Combined heat and power installation soundproofing

Benteltom in Oud Turnhout (The Netherlands) is a tomato grower occupying around 30,000 m2. The greenhouses are partly heated using a CHP installation (combined heat and power). A CHP installation combines heat and electricity generation. The heat released is used to heat the greenhouses.

The powerful engine of the CHP installation must not emit too much noise. An acoustic enclosure offers the ideal solution. Alara-Lukagro supplied and installed an external acoustic enclosure for Benteltom the tomato grower’s generator set.

CHP enclosure

Enclosure properties

The acoustic enclosure was supplied as a complete product including:

  • SCR
  • Sound attenuated ventilation system
  • Steel construction
  • Hoisting beams
  • Five soundproof entry/emergency exit doors

The panels were treated with a powder coating. The project was a turnkey delivery.

enclosure for CHP
enclosure for CHP
enclosure for CHP

Noise requirement achieved with enclosure

Alara-Lukagro always establishes the maximum achievable noise reduction per project using the proposed requirements and specifications and guarantees that the desired noise reduction will be achieved for the projects. The sound pressure level at the Benteltom CHP enclosure is 65 dB at one metre from the enclosure, which is also consistent with the established requirement.

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