Acoustic enclosure for compressors

Enclosure for compressors

Mourik Techniek was approached by Atlas Copco to supply a linked foundation and enclosure for two of its compressors. Since the enclosure also had to reduce the noise nuisance produced by the compressors Mourik Techniek enlisted the knowledge of Alara-Lukagro.

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Enclosure for compressors

Alara-Lukagro designed and produced an acoustic enclosure for Atlas Copco’s compressors.

The acoustic enclosure consisted of:

  • Two soundproof doors
  • Ventilation louvres
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Removable walls to allow maintenance to be performed on the compressors
  • The enclosure was assembled as two components, then transported to the location and installed as one seamless unit.
enclosure compressors
enclosure compressors
enclosure compressors
enclosure compressors

Heat recovery duct

A heat recovery duct was installed which can be configured to be modulating. This means the duct blows hot air from the compressors outside in the summer but in winter it can be configured to blow the warm air back into the enclosure to keep the compressors’ temperature at the required level.

Preservation treatment for the compressors’ enclosure

Alara-Lukagro applied an external powder-coat layer to all the enclosure’s external wall sections and treated all the construction profiles with a black finishing coating.

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