Complex project accomplished under time pressure


In July, Alara-Lukagro in Groot-Ammers (The Netherlands) carried out six large transportation operations to Noord Holland (The Netherlands). This involved transporting generator sets with an enclosure of around four metres high, four metres wide and sixteen metres long.

The capacity of one generator set amounts to 3 MW and a complete set, including the enclosure, weighs no less than 65 tonnes. Multiple transportation operations had been carried out in the preceding months but this was the first time so many took place in such a short space of time.

Special transport equipment is required to transport an enclosure with these dimensions and weight. Each transport operation is planned in advance and coordinated with local activities on the road. The vehicles are led by two support vehicles that ensure the operation runs smoothly. This is more than welcome for a trailer combination over 40 metres long.

Time pressure

We had worked hard on this large and complex project at Alara-Lukagro for the past year. The total of 24 enclosures were produced under time pressure. Another noteworthy aspect is that uniquely, the generator sets, including all the electrical and control components were installed in the enclosures at the Alara-Lukagro site before being transported. At their destination only the silencers had to be installed on the roof, after which the entire set was ready for use. In this way each set can be constructed under controlled conditions and the assembly time at the final location is minimised.

New contract

Alara-Lukagro worked on the project with several partners for around a year. The project has now been completed. In fact everything was accomplished even sooner than the client had expected. The end customer couldn’t be happier with the performance. They were so satisfied that we were subsequently contracted to supply a second series of twenty enclosures as a result of this project.

Alara-Lukagro has been in business for over 50 years and is one of the largest manufacturing companies of noise control measures in Europe. We possess a high level of knowledge and expertise and the company implements an active investment and human resources policy to maintain this position.

Complex project accomplished under time pressure
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