Cooling unit noise nuisance resolved by an acoustic screen

Housing corporation Maasvallei in Maastricht received complaints about noise nuisance produced by a cooling unit. Noise measurements revealed that noise regulations were being exceeded by 10 dB. Therefore the cooling unit had to be fitted with an acoustic screen.

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Maasvallei Maastricht acoustic screen

Alara-Lukagro designed, produced and assembled an acoustic and ventilating screen around the cooling unit.

 Acoustic screen to combat noise nuisance produced by a cooling unit

  • An acoustic screen was fitted around the cooling unit: one side with acoustic ventilation louvres, one side with sealed panels and two sides with ventilating louvres.
  • Fitted with double-leaf ventilating louvre doors to provide access to the installation.
  • Alara-Lukagro applied a two-layer coating to the acoustic screen. The preservation treatment was applied in our very own coating facility.
  • Alara-Lukagro was responsible for the design, engineering, production and assembly of the acoustic measure as a whole.
noise nuisance in cooling unit
noise nuisance in cooling unit
noise nuisance in cooling unit

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