How to create a silent yacht: #1 Sound Enclosures for generator sets

This is the first of a series of articles on how to create a silent yacht. First on the list: Sound Enclosures for generator sets. Noise control is a specialty. We possess this expertise and are happy to share it with you.

In 2017 Alara-Lukagro celebrated its 50th anniversary and already in the early years we were involved in the yacht building industry. Nowadays we count as experts in this business. Quality is self-evident to us, but for yacht projects we always go one step further to make your project a complete success.

Having said that we think it’s important to explain how we make each generator set as quiet as possible. As there is a certain approach that always repeats itself while configuring the best noise solution and we will try our best to describe it below.

How to make each generator set as quiet as possible:

First of all you have to figure out what the noise level of the generator set is. This means not only a single-digit value, but the complete sound spectrum in octave bands. This sound spectrum provides us with much more information and enables us to really offer the right solution. Most mayor engine suppliers have their gen sets extensively and accurately tested. What we will do when we have the sound spectrum in our possession is carefully examine it and determine where (acoustically speaking) our products needs to perform best. Which may mean that we need to attenuate the sound in the high frequencies or in particular in the low frequencies. The latter is the most difficult one, because of its long sound waves. Luckily we know how to handle them as well.

When you know what the sound level is, it’s important for you to understand that there are several types of noise attenuation taking place when enclosing a generator set. Initially, of course, there is the amount of airborne noise released during the operation of the set, but there are also the vibrations that are released and act as structure-borne noise. Both phenomena are counteracted differently. Simply put the airborne noise is treated with the Sound Enclosure and its ventilation parts, whereas structure-borne noise needs to be solved with anti-vibration mounts. Because of our in-house engineering, production, assembly and surface treatment we are (almost) limitless in our configurations regarding for example the cross-section of the wall- and roof panels, think of: plate thickness, absorption material and the amount of anti-drumming material necessary. But also the dimensions and execution of the splitter silencers and the placement of doors and hatches. It is for that reason that we can be so creative within the limited space available aboard a yacht’s engine room.

The anti-vibration mounts (AVM’s) are tailored to the total weight of the generator sets including the skid/drip pan and the weight of Sound Enclosure itself. If desired a double-resilient mounting is possible as well, in this case the generator set will be placed with AVM’s on the skid/drip pan and the skid/drip pan itself with AVM’s on the yacht’s foundation. With this the structure-borne noise can be reduced to the bare minimum.

Reasons to choose Alara-Lukagro as your partner for a silent yacht

Now that you’ve learned about the basics of noise control that we apply in our projects, I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to let you know about the other advantages and features of Alara-Lukagro Sound Enclosures for generator sets aboard luxury yachts:

  • Easy access and maintenance. Doors and hatches with dimensions determined by you, on locations appointed by you.
  • Modular design. All panels, hatches and middle posts are dismountable by means of “dual-lock” toggle clamps on each panel division, integrated in the panels, operable from the outside, finished with plastic covers.
  • Provided with sound attenuated ventilation provisions tailored to an appropriate cooling of the generator set.
  • Delivery complete with skid/drip pan as an option. If desired we are able to place the generator set as well and do the shipment as a whole.
  • High quality materials and hardware with long durability.
  • High quality surface treatment on the in- and outside of the Sound Enclosure. Painting of the generator set (in the same colour and quality) as well.
  • Noise warranty. When all above steps are carefully taken, we can perfectly predict the noise levels and guarantee the desired outcome.
  • Quick design and delivery. If desired there are 2D and 3D General Arrangement drawings and models available of the most commonly used generator sets.
  • Made in Holland. In-house engineering, production, assembly and surface treatment.

Hopefully this first article gives you a good insight on the course of events that you should take to create a silent yacht by means of Sound Enclosures for generator sets. If you’re interested in a quotation or simply want to talk about the possible noise control solutions that we have for luxury yachts, please let me know by a message.

How to create a silent yacht: #1 Sound Enclosures for generator sets

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