Corona Virus update: April 1st 2020

Yesterday, on March 31, the Dutch government changed the periode the Corona measures will be apply until 30th of April.

These measures will certainly reflect on the work of Alara-Lukagro. To try and keep the impact as low as possible we have announced further measures, some of which may affect you:

  • Until April 30, visiting customers and suppliers and receiving visits from customers and suppliers is forbidden. If necessary and in exceptional cases, the management may decide otherwise.
  • Visiting trade fairs and events, congresses, receptions, etc. on behalf of the company is prohibited.
  • Everyone who is able to do so will work at home as much as possible until April 30th. Meetings are avoided as much as possible and will be held through Skype.
  • Installation work can only be carried out to a limited extent in the next three weeks due to the limited availability of public facilities such as hotels and restaurants.
  • If a country or region has a negative travel recommendation, the site installation will certainly be cancelled.

To date, our production site is fortunate to remain un-impacted by Covid-19. We have taken all necessary measures to try and keep it that way, but, due to unforeseen circumstance this may change. We will of course keep you informed if changes affect your project, we will do the same if site installation work needs to be postponed.

The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and surrounding community in which we operate is our primary concern at this difficult time. We continue to monitor and track Government and Foreign Office advice with regards to containment, travel and isolation.

We will provide regular updates to employees, customers and suppliers and would kindly ask that you keep us up to speed with any developments within your respective organizations.

Kind regards,

André Hameete
Managing Director

Michel Mostert Marketing Specialist +31 (0)184 661 700