Fire doors for Culture Historical Center

For Cultural Historical Center “The Tiid” Alara-Lukagro received from construction company Friso B.V. the order for the delivery of a double-leaf, fire-resistant interior door with corner frame. The door is used as an archive door.

Construction company
Friso B.V.

Adema Architects Dokkum

Municipality of Sud West Fryslan



De Tiid Bolsward
De Tiid Bolsward voorkant 1@4x
De Tiid Bolsward bovenaf@4x
De Tiid Bolsward

The Tiid Bolsward

With the development of the Cultural History Center “The Tiid”, a new purpose is created for the more than four centuries old town hall in the city. The building became vacant after the municipal merger in 2011.

The former town hall and the new spaces are connected by a public space, which also contains an atrium. There will be an auditorium in the Nieuwe Waag, with room for around hundred people. This room must also become a meeting place in the evenings, for example by organizing lectures, theme meetings, exhibitions, educational programs and other cultural activities.

The Tiid Historical Center will also have an archive with more than six kilometers of archive material from the merged municipalities.

Fire resistant interior door

The AL-D / D50 double-leaf, fire-resistant interior door will serve as an archive door. The door is executed in EW-120 (in accordance with EN 1634-1).

In addition to engineering and production, Alara-Lukagro also takes care of the transport and assembly of the soundproof fire doors.

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