Every year, Alara-Lukagro bv realizes a large amount of projects in the area of noise control, for both national and international original equipment manufacturers and end-users. Please find below a selection of recently executed projects, during which many different solutions were delivered.

Culture House De Klinker - atelier PRO architects
At the Culture House “De Klinker” in Winschoten, designed by the Architects of atelier Pro, different cultural...
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Steel sound insulating doors laminated with wood
Steel doors achieve higher sound insulation values than wooden doors. This means that for some projects steel doors are...
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Paper factory after placement of sound insulating wall
At the terrain of a paper factory in Dendermonde (Belgium) noise measurements were performed to determine if the noise...
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Noise control solutions luxury yachts
For superyacht construction companies the process of building a yacht is an adventure for the mind. Sketches on a page...
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Sound insulating studio door White Universum Studio
Do we need to say more.. Contact us for more information on special sound insulating studio doors. Studio's with Alara-...
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