Every year, Alara-Lukagro bv realizes a large amount of projects in the area of noise control, for both national and international original equipment manufacturers and end-users. Please find below a selection of recently executed projects, during which many different solutions were delivered.

trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Albatros’
In 2014 IHC Merwede delivered the trailing suction hopper dredger ‘Albatros’ for dredging firm De Boer. This 75...
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Steel sound insulating doors with wood look
A building with apartments and cinema is realized in Knokke (Belgium). Good sound insulation is needed, so that residents of...
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Acoustic enclosure for CHP - end result
CHP for renewable energy generation With Combined Heat and Power installations (CHP’s), gas is converted into heat...
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Splitter silencers ground flare
Europem NV builds integrated and sustainable solutions for the safe movement, controlled combustion and energy recovery from...
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Sound proof booth in noisy production hall
Tata Steel manufactures, processes and distributes quality steel for various products. The company is the fifth largest...
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